Don’t Deny Yourself

Whether you’re working to support a family, or working to support yourself, it can be easy to get lost in the mix and forget to give yourself the downtime you deserve. At Sensual Massage San Diego, we believe in indulgence, especially the sensual kind. From your basic thirty-minute rubdown to work out the kinks, to a full day of luxury and pampering, we are here for you.

Massage For The Brain

Did you know that massage can help reduce headaches, lower stress levels, and give your brain the time it needs to reboot and recharge for the day ahead? In other words, it can make you a happier and more relaxed person. At Sensual Massage, our San Diego escorts like to see all of our clients come out on top, feeling good, and more like themselves.


Massage For Your Body

We offer services throughout the week, customizing time and location to suit your needs. Each of our masseuses are trained professionals, but they also hold an edge over competitors by being some of the most beautiful women on the west coast. Each escort in San Diego is hand chosen based on talent, looks, and personality to create the perfect package for our clients.

If you have any special requests, we welcome them, and urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience. Our website lists all of our available services, including fetish and dom services, which are only offered by request and through certain masseuses.

Massage For You

Don’t wait until your muscles are too sore and you’re stressed beyond words, book your appointment and take care of yourself. You deserve the same attentive touch as all of our clients, and we want to give that to you. Take time out of your busy life and just let go. Breathe in the relaxing scent of massage oils, and melt beneath the talented fingertips of a masseuse who really knows her stuff. Imagine a place where your whole body gets the attention it needs.

If you’re craving physical touch without all of the complications of a relationship, and just want to lay down and have somebody pamper you for a while, we have exactly the girl for you. Our massage services are supervised by the laws of the state, meaning that there are no sexual incentives involved. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t feel absolutely on top of the world by the time your appointment ends. In fact, most of our clients rebook on the same day. Call us today and see for yourself the difference that a Sensual Massage can make in your life.