The Heart of Massage

Massage can do and be many things for many people, but at it’s base, it is about the power of touch. Touch can be a magical thing, especially if it is being performed by a trained professional who knows exactly what each point on your body can do for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Massage is more than just pain relief and a tool for de-stressing; it is a way to open your mind, connect with another human being, and enjoy the beauty of your own body. Dig deep, close your eyes, and feel every movement as it happens.

The Connection

Here at Sensual Massage San Diego, we offer services from only the best San Diego escorts in the business. Our masseuses are all trained and certified, and love their jobs. Each massage is catered and customized to suit individual client needs, with our girls knowing exactly what you need to create the perfect ambience and sensations to get you through the rest of the day.

Allow a true human connection to take place, as her energy flows into your body and warm hands smooth away all the worry of the outside world. Be at peace in the moment, with the feeling that there are only two people in the entirety of the universe for those blissful moments you are being rubbed down.

The Sensations

IT6Z0738_resize-copy-largeFrom the smells of botanical massage oils to the intense emotions invoked by human touch, allow your masseuse to create an experience like no other. Too often, in this modern world, we are made to close our senses off to our surroundings. Tune out the noise, ignore the odd smells, shy away from physical interactions with strangers. Now, forget all about those social norms, and allow yourself to enjoy every sensation, every new and exciting fragrance, the soft touch of fingers on supple skin, and of course, the deep rooted power of your muscles melting beneath the hands of a sensual massage master.


All of our services, specialized options, and prices are available through our main webpage. We encourage those seeking an appointment to book in advance, especially because our services are becoming more and more popular around San Diego. Our masseuses will come to you, and offer sessions everywhere from a quick 30 minute rub down, to a full day of well-deserved pampering.

Don’t close yourself off to your senses, and the enjoyment they can bring you; embrace them instead, and show yourself