Turn Your Massage into a One of a Kind Experience

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing deep tissue massage after a hectic week of work, but what if we told you that you could turn that massage into something entirely unique, and reap even more benefits. Here at Sensual Massage San Diego, we love customizing our services to meet every client’s needs; whether that means a head to toe rub down over an hour long session, or a full day of one on one pampering.

Stretch Your Senses

Massage is all about the art of touch, but what if you could stimulate multiple senses at once? We believe that you can, through the use of aromatic oils; soothing Lavender to calm the nerves, sharp peppermint to heighten the mind, and the exotic sandalwood to escape the ordinary. Using aromatherapy during massage opens the mind to more than just thoughts and fantasies related to touching. It can bring back fond memories, entice daring new decisions, or give you the calm and patience needed to stay on task when you return to work.

Let Yourself Go

Another way that we encourage our clients to customize their experiences is by fully letting go and relaxing in a way that you might not be able to in a public spa. Having one of our professional masseuses visit you at home, your hotel, or the office, means that you obtain a level of privacy you just can’t get anywhere else. This allows you to really let go and release all of those daily frustrations and stressors, and succumb to the tender touches of your masseuse.

Explore Hidden Desires

At Sensual Massage San Diego, we supply more than just the standard massage you’ll find at a local parlor. Our tempting masseuses also offer specialty services, such as our dom/fetish sessions, which can be specially requested when you call to book your session. These highly unique experiences are not for the faint of heart, and not available with every masseuse we employ.

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Maybe you want to try one of these customizations, maybe all of them. Whatever your preferences, let one of our experienced staff know when you book your appointment. At Sensual Massage San Diego, we believe that everybody deserves a little pampering now and then, and our talented temptresses are just the ones to deliver it.

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